Pros and Cons of Small Business Marketing

One of the first things a business owner faces is how to market the product or service. To do so effectively often requires thinking beyond the limitations of traditional business training.When looking at the drawbacks of small business marketing, the biggest obstacle is overall advertising budget (especially in a young business). Conventional advertising methods are not only very expensive; like most things, a large advertising budget allows negotiation of a better price. In other words, someone interested in small business marketing with a tight budget will pay more for the same services than someone with an expansive advertising budget.Fortunately, the internet has become the great equalizer when it comes to marketing. The best business training includes internet marketing. The reason? Effectively using the internet for small business marketing can get the message in front of more potential customers for a smaller cost than virtually any advertising method. The beauty of establishing an internet presence is that by doing so, a business can expand its service area far beyond the traditional range of such a business. Before the internet, the biggest obstacle to expansion was the exponential increase in advertising costs to move beyond the home area. With the internet, would be customers can be targeted very economically indeed.In addition to the ad budget savings, using the internet in a small business marketing strategy has an additional benefit – saving man-hours.Virtually every customer has a similar list of questions about the business they are considering dealing with. Whether we are talking price, technical specs on a given product, or delivery area, all these questions can be answered by a good website without investing any more personnel time than that required to actually set up the web site. It is the ultimate win-win situation. Your customer is grateful that you have provided a simple solution to answering his or her questions and you have an educated client who knows exactly what your business provides and the exact steps required to go from browser to paying customer.For small business marketing, the internet can be a cheaper and far more complete medium than the traditional mainstays of the advertising world.