Reaching For Customers – Small Business Marketing Ideas

It seems everyone has an idea of how small business marketing should work but the fact is, most don’t. How many small business’s have you seen close their doors and file for bankruptcy simply because they didn’t have a good marketing plan in place. With the high rate of small business failures because of these tough economic times, having a sound marketing strategy would not only help you to survive but to expand as well. To help you improve your small business marketing strategies, here are 5 simple tips.1. Stay on budget with little things. Instead of trying to do one big marketing project, use several smaller ones. Getting your name out there to as many people as possible is always a good marketing strategy, even those small projects can be effective.2. Reach for local people. Unless your business is nationwide only or totally globalized, then the hometown folks will be the backbone of your business.3. Show you’re environmentally friendly. Using recycled materials when sending or using items like door hangers, stationery, flyers and postcards will show that you are environmentally friendly.4. Offer some kind of discount or coupon. Having a coupon on all those flyers, mailings and door hangings will improve your chances of them actually being looked at and considered.5. Have an online presence and point to it. Having a website, even one just to show your contact information and location, is a low-cost necessity.All in all, there are tons of great small business marketing ideas out there. The easiest way to build your own marketing plan is to take a look at what the big companies do. Look to see what others are are doing in regards to there successful marketing ideas and do as much of that as you could afford. Starting with the small things first. Not only is it a lot more affordable, but you can reach a lot more people. While a big ad, like a TV commercial or newspaper ad may seem like it would reach a lot of people, the sheer cost will keep most small businesses from using those ideas. But giving away notepads, pens and pencils, doing direct mailings and a lot of other small business marketing ideas will work just fine.