Four Effective Small Business Marketing Tips

The time is now for small businesses to take control of their marketing. Consumers are gravitating towards the internet every day looking for solutions to their problems. We’ve listed a few tips for small businesses that will effectively generate interest and traffic.Utilize Your CustomersThe most overlooked aspect of growing your business could be staring right at you every day. Your current customers already know you and trust, or at least they should know and trust you. Take advantage of your customer base by offering incentives or special deals for referrals. People who experience a good product or service enjoy sharing it with their friends. Use your customers as publicity agents to spread the word of your business to their friends and family. Often business owners don’t like to push their customers for referrals but you would be surprised how many people would do just that when they had a good experience with your business.Don’t Feel the Need to Advertise Like a Big BusinessBig businesses have the marketing budget to spend on commercial slots or print ads. Small businesses typically do not which means you should not treat your marketing plan as if you need to advertise like the big businesses. Small businesses should look to inbound marketing and internet marketing to gain ground on the leaders of your industry. Provide opportunities for people to respond to your marketing efforts with special offers to new members or customers.Join Forces with Other Small BusinessesSmall business owners often know other small business owners. There is a connection between small business owners and the dedication and hard work it takes to run a business. Contact your friends at other businesses and offer a joint promotion. Exchange links or banners to be placed on each others websites. Refer your customers to their business and ask them to do the same. This is a free and easy way to gain new business.YouTubeThe next time you do a job or service have a camera set up and record and narrate the process of your service. After you have recorded go to YouTube and upload the content. You could also upload it to your website as an instructional video. YouTube is a great avenue for exposure and prospects can actually see your results and you or your business in action. You can conduct interviews with industry leaders or have customers comment on your work for others to hear. Introduce your staff or your office/warehouse, taking visitors on a tour is second best to being there in person.There are many ideas for small business marketing tips and we have outlined just a few. The fact is there are many ways to market your business or brand with a limited budget and there are many internet marketers eager to help your small business compete with the corporations.

Reaching For Customers – Small Business Marketing Ideas

It seems everyone has an idea of how small business marketing should work but the fact is, most don’t. How many small business’s have you seen close their doors and file for bankruptcy simply because they didn’t have a good marketing plan in place. With the high rate of small business failures because of these tough economic times, having a sound marketing strategy would not only help you to survive but to expand as well. To help you improve your small business marketing strategies, here are 5 simple tips.1. Stay on budget with little things. Instead of trying to do one big marketing project, use several smaller ones. Getting your name out there to as many people as possible is always a good marketing strategy, even those small projects can be effective.2. Reach for local people. Unless your business is nationwide only or totally globalized, then the hometown folks will be the backbone of your business.3. Show you’re environmentally friendly. Using recycled materials when sending or using items like door hangers, stationery, flyers and postcards will show that you are environmentally friendly.4. Offer some kind of discount or coupon. Having a coupon on all those flyers, mailings and door hangings will improve your chances of them actually being looked at and considered.5. Have an online presence and point to it. Having a website, even one just to show your contact information and location, is a low-cost necessity.All in all, there are tons of great small business marketing ideas out there. The easiest way to build your own marketing plan is to take a look at what the big companies do. Look to see what others are are doing in regards to there successful marketing ideas and do as much of that as you could afford. Starting with the small things first. Not only is it a lot more affordable, but you can reach a lot more people. While a big ad, like a TV commercial or newspaper ad may seem like it would reach a lot of people, the sheer cost will keep most small businesses from using those ideas. But giving away notepads, pens and pencils, doing direct mailings and a lot of other small business marketing ideas will work just fine.

Pros and Cons of Small Business Marketing

One of the first things a business owner faces is how to market the product or service. To do so effectively often requires thinking beyond the limitations of traditional business training.When looking at the drawbacks of small business marketing, the biggest obstacle is overall advertising budget (especially in a young business). Conventional advertising methods are not only very expensive; like most things, a large advertising budget allows negotiation of a better price. In other words, someone interested in small business marketing with a tight budget will pay more for the same services than someone with an expansive advertising budget.Fortunately, the internet has become the great equalizer when it comes to marketing. The best business training includes internet marketing. The reason? Effectively using the internet for small business marketing can get the message in front of more potential customers for a smaller cost than virtually any advertising method. The beauty of establishing an internet presence is that by doing so, a business can expand its service area far beyond the traditional range of such a business. Before the internet, the biggest obstacle to expansion was the exponential increase in advertising costs to move beyond the home area. With the internet, would be customers can be targeted very economically indeed.In addition to the ad budget savings, using the internet in a small business marketing strategy has an additional benefit – saving man-hours.Virtually every customer has a similar list of questions about the business they are considering dealing with. Whether we are talking price, technical specs on a given product, or delivery area, all these questions can be answered by a good website without investing any more personnel time than that required to actually set up the web site. It is the ultimate win-win situation. Your customer is grateful that you have provided a simple solution to answering his or her questions and you have an educated client who knows exactly what your business provides and the exact steps required to go from browser to paying customer.For small business marketing, the internet can be a cheaper and far more complete medium than the traditional mainstays of the advertising world.